The Big Loop

An island like a continent! Doing the Big Loop of Sardinia you'll pedal along the east coastline with white sandy beaches, you'll climb limestone and granites mountains, you'll visit glamour villages of the Costa Smeralda and then back along the west coast, the favorite one from thousands of cyclists. This could be your adventure of a lifetime!

This is a Self-Guided tour

This means that you will pedal or walk free at your pace following maps and tracks received during our pre tour briefing at your arrival. We will advise you where to have lunch and dinner, about sightseeings along the road and where to find technical assistance.
You can start on any day of the year.

14 days / 13 nights
From: 1870€ per person
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Day to Day

1Arrival in Cagliari
2from Cagliari to Muravera95 KmB
3from Muravera to Orroli80 KmB
4from Orroli to Lanusei90 KmB
5from Lanusei to Oliena100 KmB
6from Oliena to Siniscola100 KmB
7from Siniscola to Cannigione110 KmB
8from Cannigione to Castelsardo100 KmB
9from Castelsardo to Alghero100 KmB
10from Alghero to Cabras110 KmB
11from Cabras to Buggerru110 KmB
12from Buggerru to Sant'Antioco55 KmB
13from Sant'Antioco to Pula85 KmB
14Departure day from Pula or CagliariB

Legenda: B: Breakfast L: Lunch D: Dinner;


Pedaling with sea view
Limestone cliffs and Mountains of Sardinia
The marvelous Alghero-Bosa and Sinis Peninsula
The wild Costa Verde and the history of Mines
The majestic Nuraghe Arrubiu
Iconic SS 125 road
African scents of Sulcis and magical southern coastline


13 Nights in charming and luxury hotels
13 Breakfast
Luggage transportation Inn to Inn
Large tour briefing on Day 1
Maps, route notes, GPS tracks and Navigation System
Telephone assistance during tour
Peace of mind travelling with us

Full Program



Transfer in and tour briefing


Hotel Italia


Benvenuti in Sardegna!

Welcome in Cagliari! A secret Mediterranean Gem.
We’ll welcome you at airport and have a 10 minutes shuttle to town. After the check in and a mandatory toast to celebrate our meeting, we’ll introduce the whole tour and help you with the bikes. An easy warm up tour along the Poetto long sandy beach it’s the best way the set yourself with the Mediterranean mood. Cagliari, capital of Sardinia and called “Casteddu” (the Castle) in Sardinian language, because of its fortified district overlooking the sea. Cagliari it’s a lively city, an undiscovered Mediterranean jewel that deserves to be explored, because of its long history that keeps track of what’s happened in the Mediterranean: Nuragic Sardinians, Phoenicians, Punics, Romans, Byzantines, Vandals, Genoans, Pisans, Spanish, and eventually Italians 😉 Dining in its old “Marina” district, a melting pot place, is an experience that will let you know a unique cooking style. Cagliari cuisine is the quintessential Mediterranean, with lots of fresh fish, seafood, sea urchins, handmade pasta, and local olive oil, all accompanied by local grapes, like the elegant red Monica and the full-bodied white Nuragus. That’s a perfect entrée for your culinary journey of Sardinia. You can’t miss visiting the local “food temple”: the Mercato di San Benedetto. It’s a bustling covered market, and you’ll be amazed by the enormous food variety and its lively vendors. But Cagliari also has a fantastic seven kilometers long sandy beach, surrounded by lagoons with elegant pink flamingos and dominated by its most famous landmark, the Devil’ Saddle, a limestone hill with gorgeous views and a fascinating history.



Distance 95 km
Climb 1100 mt


Agriturismo Sarrabus


Cagliari to Muravera

Another great coastline with amazing views.
The morning it’s a fun ride with continuous up and down in an impressive succession of cliffs and white sandy beaches, granite hills and ancient Spanish towers. It will be very difficult to avoid the temptation to take a dip in one of the many beaches with crystal clear water… Villasimius and its the Marine Protected Area of Capo of Carbonara ( give way to the charm of the coast and to the dream beaches which line the most generous citrus groves of Sardinia.



Distance 80 km
Climb 1700 mt


Hotel Omu Axiu


Muravera to Orroli

The majestic Nuraghe Arrubiu.
We leave Muravera through citrus orchards and olive groves, then we start climbing to the heart of the mountains of Gerrei, going up the river Flumendosa from the mouth to the lake. The plateau anticipates the arrival to Orroli, village symbol of longevity in Sardinia. Its countryside host the impressive megalithic complex of Nuraghe Arrubiu, definitely one of nicest among the about 7000 nuraghe spread around the Island.



Distance 90 km
Climb 2000 mt


Hotel Marie Claire


Orroli to Lanusei

Limestone cliffs and Mountains of Sardinia.
That’s the King of the Mountain day! We leave going down to the Flumendosa valley, which we follow the course up to the gates of Ogliastra. Here you will be surprised by the wild beauty of nature, where the action of erosion of the river and its tributaries have carved valleys, creating bizarre shapes of the rocks, such as the characteristic "Tacchi", which are of limestone plateaus with high white cliffs, which make unique landscapes of this beautiful corner of Sardinia.



Distance 100 km
Climb 1500 mt


Agriturismo Guthiddai


Lanusei to Oliena

Iconic SS 125 road with views over Gorroppu canyon.
We went down from the mountain forests of Ogliastra to the sea of Tortolì, right at the beginning of the climbing to Genna Silana, for sure of the one of the best rides of your life: the stunning SS125! This is definitely one of the highlights in Sardinia, 40km of emotions immersed in pristine nature. The climb starts just after the seaside village of Santa Maria Navarrese and never stops for 15km, a little downhill and then up again until the 1000mt a.s.l. of Genna Silana pass. From here a long breathtaking descent lead us to Dorgali, perfect spot for lunch. Our last 20 km are along the Cervino river up to its renowned source, Su Gologone, at the foothills of the stunning Supramonte mountain.



Distance 100 km
Climb 1900 mt


Hotel Hibiscus


From Oliena to Siniscola

Monte Albo: a glimpse of Dolomites in Sardinia
From the slopes of the Supramonte you head to Nuoro, the capital of Barbagia, the ancient name of this inland area of Sardinia. Another nice descent, before tackling the long but beautiful descent that leads you to the town of Orune and the to Lula, where you’ll face the real highlight of the day, the marvelous rocky ramparts of Monte Albo, a long dolomitic doline that you will follow on a beautiful road surrounded by greenery, which runs just down of the peaks, before dropping along an exciting 15km downhill. Once you'll get to San Teodoro we suggest going to La Cinta beach for a regenerating swim in front of the imposing Tavolara island. Today's stage will be the perfect end of an unforgettable tour.



Distance 110 km
Climb 1300 mt


Hotel del Porto


Siniscola to Cannigione

The day starts along the coast, where you must stop to get the whole beauty of Tavolara island, a towering limestone island rising from the sea in front of Capo Coda Cavallo and San Teodoro. Then you enter the Gallura with its oddly shaped granite profiles, vineyards, red cork oaks, and a beautiful countryside. Your ride ends along the emerald water and stunning beaches of the glamour Costa Smeralda.



Distance 100 km
Climb 1700 mt


Hotel Riviera


Cannigione to Castelsardo

Valle della Luna and granite villages.
Heading to Limbara Mountain range and its pretty villages the ride explores the countryside decorated with neat vineyards. Just after Aggius, another picturesque village of Gallura, we go down into the Valle della Luna (moon valley) a real evocative spot of Sardinia, a large flat area with sparse vegetation, which seem to emerge from massive granite boulders blocks. The valley connects the Gallura with the pastures of Anglona. A long gradual descent through the silent countryside, leading down to the village of Santa Maria Coghinas, then reach the sea in Valledoria on the mouth of the river Coghinas. From here is a short climb before reaching Castelsardo: a beautiful postcard overlooking the ancient fortress of Doria on the cliff.



Distance 100 km
Climb 1600 mt


Hotel Soleado


Castelsardo to Alghero

Limestone and Mistral shaped trees.
From Castelsardo you climb up the valley of the river Coghinas through the pastures outlined by the characteristic dry stone walls, until Nulvi, historical capital of the area. Then continue on a beautiful route that overlooks the Gulf of Asinara northside and the hills of Logudoro on the other side, ranging between 450 and 600 meters above sea level, before taking with a thrilling ride through the lovely countryside that separates the village of Osilo from the city of Sassari. The day continues through the pure white plateaus of limestone enclosing valleys of olive groves in the countryside of Sassari, until the sun-baked stones on the ancient ramparts of the Catalan Alghero.

DAY 10


Distance 110 km
Climb 1500 mt


Hotel Aquae Sinis


Alghero to Cabras

The marvelous Alghero-Bosa and Sinis Peninsula.
You leave Alghero on a quiet road along a gradual climb of about 20 km, up to the town of Villanova Monteleone. From here, the road takes you to the coast with breathtaking views on the valley and the sea. Once along the coast, you lose some elevation and then we’ll reach the 370 meters above sea level of Capo Marrargiu. From here ride a fantastic downhill leading you to Bosa and its beautiful historical center dominated by the Malaspina Castle. From the sea of Bosa Marina continue among orchards, olive groves and the nice vineyards producing the fine Malvasia di Bosa wine, a symbol of the whole area. in few kilometers you’ll start climbing the Montiferru slopes, where the local shepherds produce a fine cheese, and keeps the craftsmanship alive. Then the final long descent brings you slowly down to the Sinis lagoons.

DAY 11


Distance 110 km
Climb 1700 mt


Hotel La Rosa dei Venti


Cabras to Buggerru

The wild Costa Verde and the history of Mines.
Today starts on a very flat route, which leads you through the wetlands that surround the Gulf of Oristano. This area is incredibly rich in lagoon wildlife and fertile lands. You’ll continue this long day from the fertile lands of Arborea, passing through the scenic fishing village of Marceddì , across the wonderful beaches of the Costa Verde, and then climbing the slopes of the Monte Arcuentu to get the old mining settlement of Montevecchio. From this ancient settlements in the heart of the mountains you’ll take an exciting downhill till the stunning beach of Portixeddu and the white imposing cliffs of Buggerru.

DAY 12


Distance 55 km
Climb 800 mt


Muma Hostel


Buggerru to Sant’Antioco

Best views of west coast to the genoese heritage of Sardinia.
The stage starts climbing from the sheltered cove of Buggerru to the top of the hill in Acquaresi where you take a long downhill into the blue sea of Nebida, admiring the magnificent Pan di Zucchero (sugar loaf), a white limestone rock that arises from the sea. Then you’ll ride along Funtanamare beach and along the coast until to Portoscuso. Here you get the first ferry of the day to Carloforte, a Mediterranean gem where Ligurian, African and Sardinian culture are blend harmoniously. The second ferry of your day brings you to Calasetta on Sant’Antioco island.

DAY 13


Distance 85 km
Climb 800 mt


Hotel Villa Madau


Sant’Antioco to Pula

African scents of Sulcis and magical southern coastline.
The last leg of the tour will reserve you one of the most beautiful spots of the island: the amazing Costa del Sud. It’s a continuous up and down along dream beaches and breathtaking views of the coast that will not easily forget. You’ll start in the morning from Calasetta and leave the Sant’Antioco Island through the salt works. After a stop in the picturesque village of Tratalias vecchia, built around the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral of Santa Maria, you’ll warm up to face the last part of the tour with some slight slope, then… ok, there are no words to describe the beauty of the Costa del Sud, just enjoy this last unforgettable ride in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

DAY 14


Transfer out


It’s time to say goodbye, but we are sure we’ll meet again 🙂 We’ll shuttle you to the Airport according to your scheduled flight.


Sardinia Grand Tour
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An DimaAn Dima
19:53 06 May 24
Abbiamo noleggiato le bici per esplorare il Parco di Molentargius e la spiaggia del Poetto ed è stato molto comodo perché si trova direttamente sulla ciclabile. La persona è stata molto seria e disponibile e ci ha fatto trovare le bici già pronte alla mattina dopo aver fatto la prenotazione sul sito. Ci ha fornito inoltre tutte le informazioni necessarie. Ottima esperienza a prezzi ragionevoli. Consigliato.
Vickyleen MuscatVickyleen Muscat
09:48 11 Mar 24
Servizio eccellente!!! Il proprietario è stato molto disponibile e ci ha servito anche quando era ufficialmente chiuso. L'ebike noleggiata ci è stata molto utile e ha permesso di visitare molti luoghi interessanti di Cagliari 🙂
t Hgt Hg
14:00 09 Nov 23
Un'esperienza fantastica dall'inizio alla fine: molte grazie a Marco per essersi assicurato che fossimo completamente attrezzati e pronti per partire per alcuni fantastici tour della Sardegna!
Bianca MulderBianca Mulder
20:49 02 Nov 23
Grazie per la bella bicicletta elettrica. Sono stata a Cagliari per una settimana. In parte grazie alla bella moto, ho trascorso una settimana fantastica. Ho pedalato molti chilometri e quindi ho visto molto. Il percorso lungo la spiaggia era perfetto per il ciclismo e anche il percorso dalla spiaggia alla città. Buon servizio ed è bello poter usare la bici per qualche ora in più!
Rolands DembovskisRolands Dembovskis
14:01 02 Aug 23
Robert LehockyRobert Lehocky
10:22 28 Jul 23
Noleggio biciclette altamente raccomandabile, tutto era semplicemente perfetto! Grazie!
Matt MMatt M
18:14 10 Jul 23
Marco e il team hanno un ottimo affare assicurandoti di ottenere la bici di cui hai bisogno e adattarla alle tue specifiche. La comunicazione è impeccabile e tempestiva assicurandoti di ottenere il massimo dalla tua vacanza. Le bici sono in condizioni meccaniche incredibili e, in caso di problemi, ti verranno forniti strumenti per bici, toppe e tubi extra. Oh, e le borse laterali sono un'ottima aggiunta e valgono il costo. Saluti al Grand Tour della Sardegna!
Anna MarchisioAnna Marchisio
08:49 09 May 22
Tour "Expedition Across Sardinia" molto ben organizzato e gestito.Itinerario molto interessante e vario sia per il percorso che per i paesaggi che consentiva anche delle interessanti deviazioni lungo il percorso.Le bici a noleggio erano perfette e le tracce gps, con relativo software, era precisissimo e ricco di informazioni.Strutture ricettive molto belle. Segnaliamo Agriturismo Sa Tanchitta... Posto particolare e tranquillo con una cena veramente squisita. Ottima anche la cena dell'hotel Edera.Unica critica la struttura Omu Axiu che ha visto tempi decisamente migliori.
Irene CadamuroIrene Cadamuro
16:43 29 Aug 21
Noleggiato una c-sport Bianchi per un tour autonomo da Cagliaro ad Alghero (presa a Cagliari e riconsegnata comodamente ad Alghero). La bici, conseganta con tutti gli acessori necessari (luci, kit completo di riparazione, lucchetto,...) si è dimostrata perfetta in tutto il viaggio. Un ringraziamento particolare allo staff del noleggio di Cagliari che sempre prontamente mi ha supportato con grande professionalità con consigli pratici e itinerari, sia prima che durante il tour. L'avere loro risposte precise e immediate è stato sicuramente un ottimo supporto al viaggio. Se la costa occidentale della Sardegna certamente si presta a questo tipo di esperienza, questo tipo di professionalità la rende indimenticabile. Grazie di tutto.. Irene
Bruna PietracciBruna Pietracci
08:09 24 Aug 21
MERAVIGLIOSI!Quando pensi di andare semplicemente ad affittare una bici...(e che bici!) e trovi persone estremamente competenti e gentili. Grazie infinte Marcello e Gian Mario - super disponibili e pronti ad aiutarmi nelle disavventure da carta smagnetizzata. Siete speciali!E sicuro ci rivedremo per una delle vostre spedizioni - un abbraccio e grazie ancora di tutto!
Enrique PequenoEnrique Pequeno
17:16 16 Aug 21
Consiglio Sardinia GT per la qualità del servizio e dei mezzi, la professionalità e l'estrema disponibilità. Vivere la Sardegna un bici e con alle spalle il Team Sardegna GT é stato magnifico.
Claudio TomarchioClaudio Tomarchio
17:07 15 Aug 21
Ho noleggiato una bici per una settimana, lo consiglio!
gabriele di paologabriele di paolo
06:43 07 Aug 21
Una vacanza bellissima nel sud della Sardegna, luoghi ancora incontaminati ed assistenza impeccabile di Gian Mario e Marcello
Alessio MancaAlessio Manca
19:57 20 Feb 17
Complimenti a questi ragazzi per avermi fatto gustare un angolo della mia terra che ancora non conoscevo.Genuini e diretto rappresentanti del territorio, mi hanno guidato alla scoperta di un antico sentiero da cui poter ammirare alcune spiagge nellazona di Chia, oltre il punto a cui sono sempre arrivato.Pranzo al sacco in compagnia di amici con una loro storia da raccontare e la nostra storia da ascoltare.Non vedo l'ora di provare un nuovo itinerario.

Price and Supplements

Tour Price*: € 1870 per person
Deposit: 30%, Balance: 31 days before departure

This price includes:
13 Nights in charming and luxury hotels
13 Breakfast
Luggage transportation Inn to Inn
Large tour briefing on Day 1
Maps, route notes, GPS tracks and Navigation System
Telephone assistance during tour
Peace of mind travelling with us

*Price per person based on 2 guests in double room. This price must be confirmed by our booking team

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more than 60 days - 100% refund of deposit
60 days to 30 days - 70% refund of the trip price will be made
29 days to 15 days - 50% refund of the trip price will be made
14 days to 0 days - 100% cancellation fee