Fordongianus – Aritzo: At Root of Wine

A challenging but exciting stage, from the vineyards of Mandrolisai to the silences of Barbagia, pedaling under the chestnut trees of Aritzo.

Cycling from Fordongianus to Aritzo

Traditional carpets and design

Few km of flat, then we climb through Samugheo, a village known for its exquisite traditional hand made carpets, made using local wool.
In the recent past, some master craftsman start cooperating with international designer, creating exquisite artworks. If you want to understand how much work it takes, visit a workshop and admire the creation of those carpets.

“New” yet ancient wines

We are crossing the geographical center of the island, immersed into the marvelous Mandrolisai, one of the 33 sub-areas of Sardinia.
This area gives the name to the local wine, a blend of Cannonau, Monica and Muristellu (the Sardinian Bovale). This ancient wine is part of last discoveries about vine cultivation in Mediterranean civilization: the locals knew how to make wine already 3000 years ago! Get the chance to taste the Mandrolisai Superiore, a fantastic red aged in barrique with a great value.

Sardinian Nougat, a natural energy boost

Sorry, today it takes to climb, no escapes:)
We get a boost with the local nougat, made with honey, almonds or hazelnuts.
The nougat vendors travel all the island to sell this tasty product, in some way they represent the dedication of entrepreneurs of Barbagia, people able to create good things with few ingredients.
If you are traveling in the area during fall, don’t miss the event “Autunno in Barbagia”, when the old houses of the town open their backyards, creating a journey into old traditions.

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