What is a Randonnée

A Randonnée is a long distance bike ride.
It’s not a race, the goal is not to win, rather to complete the ride enjoying it and the landscape with friends.

From website www.audaxitalia.it:
“No fast neither slow, just far. To discover a different Cycling, not inflamed by competition, rank, starting grids, yet challenging. A Cycling where your riding mate it’s not a competitor but a friend for the journey”

The Randonnée certification is an official document released to the ones able to ride the whole Randonnée within a maximum time.
In Italy, only the associations affiliated to A.R.I. (Audax Randonnée Italia), are allowed to issue the Randonnée Certificates.
In a Randonnée there isn’t Ranking, so it’s not necessary to go fast as on a Gran Fondo or on a race.
Just to give an idea, the SGT Rando usually takes less than 10 hours from most of the riders. I probably had too much wine the days before:)[:]