What we are going to eat during the Randonnée and the Sardinia Grand Tour inaugural journey

Bike and foodWe do support natural food and we’re glad to share it with those friends who are going to participate in the Sardinia Grand Tour.

This choice will be visible starting from the box that participants are going to find on the Randonnée day, being it provided with Sardinian-only food:

Maracalagonis’ almonds

Almonds are rich in triglycerides, with mono-unsaturated fatty acid. They have also some vitamins (especially riboflavin and vitamin E) and many mineral salts (manganese, magnesium, calcium, copper and phosphor). Its high protein level makes almond a complete food for sport activity.

Tonara’s torrone by Pili

No additional sugar apart from its natural ingredients such as honey, egg white, almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts (and a thin wafer).

100 grams of torrone supply you with 500 kcal circa, magnesium, potassium, iron and mono-unsaturated fatty acid typical of the dried fruit.

San Martino water

It is simply the most bicarbonate-rich water in Italy, allowing the definition of hyper-mineral water for it. This water stands out for hydro-saline integrator qualities, and is for this reason suitable for all those sport situations in which intense and long effort is required, such as those of athletes who play endurance sports.

In our snack points and on the assistance vans we will have in addition Coldiretti Sardegna‘s fresh food products: bread, honey and marmalade, ham and cured meats, cheese and fresh and salted ricotta, oranges and fennels, olive oil, eggs…and a little bit of wine – red and white, obviously 🙂

At dinner we will celebrate our Sardinian gastronomic tradition, by tasting different dishes every evening, depending on the area being crossed.

…Because we don’t eat for biking, but we bike to eat! 🙂

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