First Racers who have Obtained the SGT Randonnée ARI/BRM brevet

On May 1st, 2014 we rode the first SGT Randonnée.

We left early in the morning from Arzachena, crossing the whole rocky Gallura, from Sant’Antonio to Tempio Pausania, where we did the first rest stop after 50km, and then down to the amazing Valle della Luna.

In the late morning we arrived under the medieval castle of Castelsardo, where we enjoy the second rest stop.

Broken down towards Sassari we stopped at the uphill just before the village of Nulvi, in a Coldiretti farm restaurant for a hot tasty meal. After Sassari the last rolling 50km brought us to the arrive on the ancient sea walls of Alghero.

The SGT Randonneé linked in one ride 4 of the best stages of Sardinia Grand Tour route:

1 ) Arzachena – Tempio,
2 ) Tempio – Castelsardo,
3 ) Castelsardo – Sassari,
4) Sassari – Alghero.

The SGT Randonneé has been supported by the Government Agency Sardegna Promozione and the tour operators Dolcevita Bike Tours, Skedaddle Italia and Ciclismo Classico.

We wish to sincerely thank also Wild Trails cycling guides company, Coldiretti Sardegna for suppling of healthy and tasty local food.

The whole event was organized and managed by Anfibia.

Here is the table with the people who have gotten the SGT Randonnée ARI/BRM brevet, arrived in Alghero, within the 13 hours time limit.

Race number Surname Name Club Time Brevet
11 Serra Roberto Smeralda Bike 08:30 Download
13 Celentano Gianfranco Smeralda Bike 08:30 Download
12 Marzeddu Andrea Smeralda Bike 08:30 Download
1 Leuci Daniele Smeralda Bike 09:50 Download
2 Bonanomi Fernando Smeralda Bike 09:50 Download
20 Lasagna Andrea Polisportiva Levata 10:20 Download
9 Fresu Domenico GS Fancello Cicli Terranova 10:30 Download
4 Petretto Gavino Fuel Triathlon 10:30 Download
5 Sotgiu Michele Anfibia Ecotours 10:30 Download
19 Cresto Alessandro Anfibia Ecotours 10:40 Download
33 Puddu Francesco No Limits Sport 11:15 Download
27 Piras Marcello Arestis MTB 11:20 Download
15 Lindfield Naomi Skedaddle Italia 11:20 Download
14 Cireddu Roberto Ciclo Team Cireddu 11:20 Download
30 Zuddas Alessia Sardinia MTB 11:26 Download
31 Puddu Fabrizio Sardinia MTB 11:26 Download
28 Picci Manuela Sardinia MTB 11:26 Download
34 Murru Sebastiano Sardinia MTB 11:32 Download
29 Dessi Mauro Sardinia MTB 11:32 Download
25 Mosso Elisabetta No Limits Sport 11:42 Download
26 Usala Marcello Anfibia Ecotours 11:42 Download
23 Melis Carlo Alberto GS Amatori 11:42 Download
16 Casalegno Riccardo ASD Turbolento Milano 12:07 Download
17 Basilisco Guido ASD Turbolento Milano 12:07 Download
6 Pirastu Ugo Luciano Anfibia Ecotours 12:37 Download
35 Murphy Henrick Ciclistica Dievese 12:58 Download

We look forward to May 1, 2015 for the second edition of the SGT Randonnee, stay tuned!