San Martino Water, A Natural Sport Nutrition Supplement

Sardinian geological complexity and karst phenomenon created a land rich in natural springs and aquifers.
Most of Sardinian waters have a low mineral content, while some have lots of minerals, like San Martino water, flowing from Coros plateau in northern Sardinia.

Proprietà Acqua San Martino
Due to its richness in mineral content, this water is an extraordinary and natural electrolyte perfect for cycling.
It has been bottled since the beginning of 1900 in a historical facility located in the countryside, close to the marvelous basilica of Santissima Trinità di Saccargia. It has been appreciated since roman times, they created a special aqueduct to deliver this precious water till the ancient port of Turris Lybisonis (the modern Porto Torres).
This chart shows its organoleptic features
We loved this water, and voted as official electrolyte of our events. But we like San
Martino water also during meals, it suites perfectly with our tasty local foods![:]

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