Calvi to Porto – The Mediterranean Ride

Corsica - Torre Porto

Cycling through all shades of Granite Calvi coastline As soon as we leave Calvi we are along a stunning coastal road backed up by white and pink huge granite boulders. Below us small coves where sailing boats look like floating on a turquoise sea. After ten km we are tempted to climb to the Montserrat […]

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Saint Florent to Calvi – The Mediterranean Ride

Typical banner from Corsica

From the silence of the desert to the fascinating Calvi The Agriates desert As soon as you leave Saint Florent there’s the Silence. A 16000 square hectares desert just for us and our breath, calm and at a pace along this very gradual climb. Granite and Maquis, the Corsican shrub, design and give a distinctive […]

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Bastia to Saint Florent, Corsica Stage – The Mediterranean Ride

Corsica West Coast

“Well begun is half done” The most beautiful ring on The Finger East coast – Swinging on the sea We leave Bastia along the d80, the ocean is on right and we are immersed in a landscape that smells Mediterranean. There are some car going and coming back from Bastia, but they pass us easily. […]

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Fordongianus – Aritzo: At root of wine

Fordongianus and Aritzo

A challenging but exciting stage, from the vineyards of Mandrolisai to the silences of Barbagia, pedaling under the chestnut trees of Aritzo. Traditional carpets and design Few km of flat, then we climb through Samugheo, a village known for its exquisite traditional hand made carpets, made using local wool. In the recent past, some master […]

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Santu Lussurgiu to Fordongianus – A taste of inner Sardinia

Santulussurgiu and Fordongianus by Bike

A stage that let us taste the inland before ending in Fordongianus, a place where ancient Romans settled as a base to try to conquer the heart of the island in the Barbagia region. Crossing a vast plateau We leave Santu Lussurgiu along a comfortable downhill among the olive groves on this slopes of Montiferru, […]

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Bosa – Santu Lussurgiu: Another life is possible

Bosa Santulussurgiu by Bike

Bosa and its happiness Every time I leave Bosa, it’s a bit sad to leave as well its light hearted people. As soon as you get outside the village, it’s worth to stop to admire at a glance the castle, the river, and the village itself, that looks nestled among the hills, with its houses […]

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Alghero Bosa – When a road is a touristic attraction

Alghero Bosa by Bike

The Alghero Bosa is a strip of road suspended between a volcanic mountain range and the sea. It’s just called “The Alghero Bosa Road” or, with a bit of poetry, “The scenic Alghero Bosa road ”. Cyclists consider it as one of the most beautiful roads of whole island… if not more. We’ll tell you […]

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