Sardinian wines for dummies – Part 2, Red wines.

Grapes from Sardinia

Growing quality Up to few decades ago, sardinian wines were use to blend softer nothern italian ones. Then some local producer start improving vinification techniques, creating very elegant wines. 2015 has been a great year for our winemakers, able to receive many important prices. As for the withes, I’ll tell about the better known wines, […]

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Sardinian wines for dummies – Part 1, White Wines

wine in wooden barrels from Sardinia

This short journey want to tell about the most known sardinian wines and grapes, some you may don’t know that well and some you’d like to discover. To each wine I suggest an easy to find bottle with a good value for money. I’m not a sommelier, neither a super expert, I just love wine […]

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Saint Florent to Calvi – The Mediterranean Ride

Typical banner from Corsica

From the silence of the desert to the fascinating Calvi The Agriates desert As soon as you leave Saint Florent there’s the Silence. A 16000 square hectares desert just for us and our breath, calm and at a pace along this very gradual climb. Granite and Maquis, the Corsican shrub, design and give a distinctive […]

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Bastia to Saint Florent, Corsica Stage – The Mediterranean Ride

Corsica West Coast

“Well begun is half done” The most beautiful ring on The Finger East coast – Swinging on the sea We leave Bastia along the d80, the ocean is on right and we are immersed in a landscape that smells Mediterranean. There are some car going and coming back from Bastia, but they pass us easily. […]

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Three unique islands – The Mediterranean Ride

The Mediterranean Ride

Epic bike journey across 3 beautiful yet so diverse islands, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. What makes them unique? Ok, there is no question that we are talking about 3 cycling paradises, and certainly you fall madly in love with each one of them. But what really makes them different? The sun, the beauty and quality […]

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Memories from a tour season

Brindisi with wine

A very intense active season is (almost) over, I’ve met so many people in several tours in Sardinia and Europe, doing a job that, after 15 years, still excites me. It’s quite a challenge to summarize all of that on a blog page, I’ll pick among the best moments of my Sardinian tours. Ospitality The […]

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SGT Randonnee 2015 about to start!

Alghero sunset

Our SGT Randonnee will start Saturday, there are already more than 70 randonneurs from all over Sardinia, plus some foreigners, it will be a pleasure to pedal all together! Friday May the 8th: an aperitive to start We’ll be from 6 pm at Aquatica restaurant, in the beautiful location of the marina of Alghero, to […]

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The 5 outdoor events of May in Sardinia

SGT Randonnée 2015

Next May Sardinia will host several events dedicated to biking and outdoor related activities. # 1 SGT-Expedition We’ll start on may 1° with our SGT Expedition , a journey across the whole island, starting from Alghero and arriving to Cagliari in 4 stages. # 2 Cagliari Half Triathlon May 2° it’s the day of the Cagliari Half Triathlon, […]

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10 reasons (at least) to plan a bike trip to Sardinia

Traditional Lady in Sardinia

Pick one, and tell us why you agree:) 1. The scenery, almost a continent We quote Marcello Serra, a Sardinian writer, from his book “Sardinia almost a continent” “The island of Sardinia really looks like a small continent, not just because of its morphology and geology, but also from an ethnic point of view, in […]

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