Sardinia, food and landscape

We are ready, next Saturday we’ll challenge the Supramonte range, and we’ll need lots of energy. Food, an essential part of the landscape. We’ve always said that: to us, bike isn’t just a sport challenge, but it’s also discover of an area. And food production shapes continuously the landscape, you’ll notice it while crossing the […]

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Sardinian wines for dummies – Part 2, Red wines.

Grapes from Sardinia

Growing quality Up to few decades ago, sardinian wines were use to blend softer nothern italian ones. Then some local producer start improving vinification techniques, creating very elegant wines. 2015 has been a great year for our winemakers, able to receive many important prices. As for the withes, I’ll tell about the better known wines, […]

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Sardinian wines for dummies – Part 1, White Wines

wine in wooden barrels from Sardinia

This short journey want to tell about the most known sardinian wines and grapes, some you may don’t know that well and some you’d like to discover. To each wine I suggest an easy to find bottle with a good value for money. I’m not a sommelier, neither a super expert, I just love wine […]

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Fordongianus – Aritzo: At root of wine

Fordongianus and Aritzo

A challenging but exciting stage, from the vineyards of Mandrolisai to the silences of Barbagia, pedaling under the chestnut trees of Aritzo. Traditional carpets and design Few km of flat, then we climb through Samugheo, a village known for its exquisite traditional hand made carpets, made using local wool. In the recent past, some master […]

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At Moreno’s vineyard, where Hospitality has home

A personal vineyard

Hospitality, a recurring word on tourism manuals It may look absurd, this is definitely misused by too many hotel chains, and people involved in hospitality sometimes are missing the deep meaning of this word. Hospitality is something that can’t be planned, you need the will to open the door, to listen and enter the private dimension and […]

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